Gotland is the biggest island in the Baltic sea with a distinctive nature and truly magic history unlike anything else. Gotland has been populated since the ice sheet withdraw and has experienced piece and war, prosperity and poverty. The town of roses and ruins Visby is a romantic town with the best preserved medieval wall in Northern Europe and was a center for the Vikings raids to the East and Mediterranean. Here the saga is present all the time and everywhere, and you can be a part of it!

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The sea

On Gotland is the sea always near, as the history and sagas. Choose your own favourite shore – cliffs, pebbles or sand. And Gotland is so much more than sunbathing and swimming.

The greenery

Gotland is more than coastline. Excurse a new world of greenery, forests, farmland, ancient relics, culture and friendly people. Here is something to do and see easy to find.


The hanseatic town Visby with its ruins and roses is a vivid smalltown all over the year. Here is calm and high life, past and present. Here is something for everyone.

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